In light of the above, MSC11 has set as its theme, Malaysian Social Science In 21st Century: Global Transformation and Inclusive Development, in order to provide a forum where issues related to the theme can be critically discussed. The theme is broadly conceived so as to avoid a seemingly narrow focus. Thus even contributions which are not directly related to the theme, but occur within the broader scope of Malaysian Studies, are also welcomed including comparative studies  on Malaysia and other countries.

Papers can be submitted on, though not necessarily limited to, the following sub-themes:

  1. Malaysian social science and inclusive development

  2. Global transformation and the 4th Industrial Revolution

  3. Class, ethnic, culture and identity

  4. Contestations, youth, media and popular culture

  5. Critical issues in geography, human development and the environment

  6. Economic development, poverty and social inequality

  7. Education, national development and transformation

  8. Gender, sexuality and social transformation

  9. Globalization, international trade and foreign direct investment

  10. Agile governance, the political system, and the public sector

  11. Religion, multiculturalism and the nation-state

  12. Indigenous and marginalized communities

  13. Political developments, regionalism and international relations

  14. Health, security and quality of life

  15. Revisiting literature, language and history towards inclusive development