As has been the practice of past MSCs, there are three different channels of paper presentation, as follows:

  • Institutional panels – These are panels organised by institutions such as research institutes and faculties.

  • Thematic panels – These are panels organised by convenors on selected themes. The convenor is responsible for deciding the theme and organising the presenters.

  • Individual panels – These are panels consisting of individual paper presenters. Individual paper presenters are welcome to contribute. The Organising Committee will try to group such papers accordingly, either into a thematic panel if they fall under a common theme, or into omnibus panels, that is, panels that need not necessarily address a common theme.

Individual paper presenters have to select one of the subthemes their papers fall under but the Organising Committee reserves the right to make the final decision.

Note: As has been the practice in past MSCs, institutional panels will bear the institution’s name, to raise the profile of the institution. In return, the institution has to pay an institutional registration fee of RM1,000.00. This does not include the registration fee for each individual paper presenter (see below). The participating institution may organise more than one institutional panel at no extra cost.